More pictures and photos coming soon from the Harvest Festival.
It was amazing.  But hard to say goodbye to the kids.
I miss them and their hilarious ways so much already.
I have a million books/letters and i think i’m going to scan a few to show you.
my mom is theeee cutest.
this is our guest room, which i’ve been sleeping in.  
the bed isn’t made. this should be no surprise. (terrible housekeeper)
I stopped sleeping in our room… 
it made me miss my husband even more.
i wish i had a full length of this outfit, especially the back.
the back is a bit daring.
all business in the front, party in the back.  
speaking of parties.
i’m headed to vegas. in an hour. 
and guess what laaaadies, i won’t be a bad blogger after this weekend.
because i’m now sarah tucker, m.s.
i’m headed to swissieland to be with my love on tuesday.
but for now.  VEGAS.
to celebrate my best friend!!  

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