Mickey’s Halloween Party with Preschoolers

Wait, what, sarah?  It’s September!  Is what you’re probably thinking.  But Disney sent us tickets to experience the the party, and I just couldn’t say no.   Thank you, Disney!   We had never been, and I heard it’s a fun night.  Plus it was a really special one on one thing to do with my four year old.

We didn’t dress in much of a costume because it’s still quite hot here, and I figured a festive t- shirt would work.  Of course, tuck wanted to be a ghostbuster, and so I got super lucky when I found the ghostbuster shirt at target.  The obsession all started with me asking him if he wanted to hear the ghostbuster song in the car.  And then him asking me to repeat it 1000 times.  I later caved and let him watch the show from my childhood.  Now it’s his obsession.  annnnyway, here’s details I didn’t know, and learned last night about MNSSHP:

  1.  It’s a specially ticketed event.  They kick everyone out of the park that hasn’t purchased tickets at 7pm.  But your ticket to the event allows you to get in at 4pm.  You get a wristband upon entering, and if you don’t have one, they will escort you out.  I wasn’t sure how they’d really enforce this, but there were lots of checking going on.
  2. Lines are really low.  We rode a lot of rides with little to no wait.  So it’s a good time to go just for that.  You’ll likely ride more rides than a regular day, and at a lower price.
  3. You get a treat bag, and there’s trick or treat stops all along the way.  They give you SO much candy.
  4. When they say it’s not scary, it’s really not scary.  They even have guidelines per age groups on how someone can dress up.
  5. Speaking of that, lots of people really dress up!  It was fun looking around and feeling like you were surrounded by characters.  But they weren’t working for disney!
  6. If your child has allergies, you can get an allergy treat bag, and they will give you special treats.  Disney does such an amazing job with accommodating dietary restrictions.
  7. Yes you can see all of the fall decorations during the day, but it is such a different experience at night.  Everything lights up, and there’s fun upbeat music.  Tuck went on Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time, and it was neat doing it at night.  He loved it!   Yes, it was all way beyond his bedtime, but it was fun keeping him up for a special experience.
  8.  Soooo we just saw one halloween show, and due to lots of lightning last night the parade was delayed.  We could have stayed and waited it out, but knew the boys were getting to their breaking points.
  9.  It was not crowded at all.  I’m sure once it gets closer to Halloween it will be, but September seems like a good time to go if you don’t love crowds.  Like me!  When it’s not very crowded, I’m more relaxed, and I feel like that helps my kid also be relaxed.
  10. Some attractions and restaurants aren’t open and become a treat station or character spot, so you may want to secure a reservation for dinner.  I so wish I had thought of doing that before I was there!

Have you been?  Any other tips?  As a first timer, I’m sure I missed a lot!!



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