Maternity Style

Truth be told I’m still not very big.  Most of my clothes still fit.  
And my baby is even measuring big, every time.
I think most people that see me out and about and don’t know, think I’ve been on a beer binge.  But I had to cave and get a few cute maternity pieces without breaking the bank. As exciting as buying preggie pops to ease my nausea is, I needed something fun to distract me. 
 My new asos skinnies are literally becoming part of my daily uniforms, while also looking pretty darn cute.  If I do say so myself ( ; 
I have a couple of weddings and wedding related functions coming up where I still plan to wear normal dresses, just ones that are looser.  Existing maxi dresses are still my best friends too.  So that’s where I’m at with maternity style. 
 I promise to do some fun posts when my bump gets a bit bigger.   
{grecian dress, bodycon dress, ultra soft black skinnies,  pink skinny jeans }

What did you wear ?  Or plan to?  Got any good Tips?

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