march, you crazy month, you.

{tucks shirt // honest swim diaper // beach bag old but similar // monogrammed seersucker towel is beaufort bonnet company  // sunny life radio }
Tuck yesterday.  The cutest little wild man on the windy beach.  
but march.  oh march.  
has been filled with knee surgery for JB (I never knew just how much he did every single day for us!), a scary blood clot, and more waiting – and let’s be honest, giving up – on our short sale. 
when i think of what small crosses to bear it all is in the grand scheme of real problems …
And when I think about the big picture, 
I can’t help but slap myself out of the pity party I am all too eager to throw.  
we are so grateful JB will be off crutches in a few weeks … for some, it’s forever.
we are so grateful they found the blood clot early … gives me shivers what could have happened.
we are so grateful for the short sale taking tons of time … because something else is {hopefully} happening that could be out of this world better.  
and so, I’m reminded of another march
where i said:
“in Gods timing he restores things in ways soo good you could not dream them up yourself”
holding onto joy, hope, and gratitude today.  

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