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hello friends of sweet sarah! i am brittany from life of charmings!
i have a little lady baby of my very own, who was born in late july and
growing oh so quickly, and i am SO excited for sarah to get to
experience all of the things i’ve loved so much about motherhood. it’s
been a pretty incredible ride for me so far, so i thought i’d share five
of my favorite parts of having a baby and life as a new mom…

1. that very first moment. before my sweet
girl was born i tried a thousand times to picture them handing her to me
for the very first time, but i just couldn’t even imagine it. i was so
looking forward to that indescribable moment where they put her on my
chest and we first looked into each others’ eyes… and when i finally
got my moment, it was truly amazing. she was the most beautiful and
perfect little blue-ish purple person i have ever seen! there’s really
nothing like saying that first hello to your very own tiny human. i know
that so many women don’t get the birth experience that they necessarily
hoped for, and heck, i guess we’re all just lucky we can survive it
this day in age! but whenever your first moment is… it’s guaranteed to be pretty amazing.
2. getting to spend time in that nursery you worked so hard on!
i absolutely LOVE using my baby girl’s room now. it fills my heart with
such huge amounts of happiness to see her smiling and cozy in the
little space i spent days and nights preparing just for her. it’s crazy
that just a handful of months ago i sat alone in that room trying to
picture the future with my little one, and now here we are!
3. the first official smile. like, not just their little reflexes [although, those are seriously cute], but when they really smile
at YOU! and it typically first starts to happen when they look at their
mommy, just to make you feel extra good about all your hard work! and
then, later on, the first giggle… ahh, melt me into a puddle. so
4. gaining the confidence to really trust your own intuition. gosh, nothing teaches this like motherhood. i’ve quickly learned that everybody does
things differently, and not only that, every baby is different! so,
even though people at some point want give their input or feedback on
how things are done, you can just nod and smile, because nobody knows
what’s best for you and your baby like you do. it’s empowering!
5. nursing! of course, plenty of people do not choose to breastfeed for one reason or another, which is totally fine, but for
me, it has become one of my favorite activities. i think babies are the
absolute sweetest things ever when they nurse, and i have
really loved getting to bond in such a natural, cuddly little way.
sometimes, in the wee hours of the night, there is just nothing more
wonderful than pulling my hungry girl up next to me and getting all
snuggled for her late night/early morning snack. she’ll sometimes rub my
skin really gently with her little hand, and i think how crazy it is
that the tiny, gentle hand of my 4-month-old is so comforting to
me, something i hadn’t expected. not to mention, there’s all that
calorie burning that comes with nursing, too! which is kind of
hilarious. they say you’re supposed to be taking in 2,500 calories a day
while nursing, so my appetite now rivals my husbands. eat an entire
pizza? don’t mind if i do!
it has been such a wonderful gift to get to enjoy
the first months of my little one’s life with her. motherhood
is beautiful, and i think the biggest thing to remember is that right
from day one, it all just goes so fast. babies aren’t babies for
long [tear!], so despite the exhaustion, if you’re up and snuggling your
little one at 3am, try to cherish it… and then later on let your
husband or mommy hold the baby so you can catch a little shuteye!
sarah, you are going to make one absolutely incredible mother to one very loved little boy! welcome, baby tuck!!

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