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I started reading Lara Casey’s blog when I was in grad school at Ole Miss in the fall of 2009.  I was planning my wedding at the time too, and I rushed out to get one of their first Southern Wedding issues.  I drove all the way to Tupelo’s B&N for it!  It’s my favorite wedding magazine to this day.
Then Lara Casey started the Making Things Happen tour with this post.  It fired me up! 
I remember reading that, desperately wanting to attend, but feeling like my life was about to take a path where I had no idea what was in store for me. 
After that fall, I married in January, and a month later moved to Switzerland as a newlywed. 
For the next almost two years, I lived in switzerland and a bit in panama, coming back for short stints.  I went from being busy, busy (all I’d ever really known).  to being still.
At first, this was scary for me. Putting my life on hold terrified me!  But I soon learned that was barely what I was doing.  I started stopping to smell the peonies, the roses in bloom everywhere, the lavender sprouting on every corner.  I cooked for my husband and friends.  Travel opened my eyes and I felt at peace being still.  People would ask me if I was bored over there, and I could honestly say not even the slightest.  I realized that life wouldn’t always be this carefree, and that I needed to take advantage of it.  I got to see things and feel what I hadn’t let myself in the past because I was always too busy for all of that.  Still, I kept up from afar being inspired by Lara, Emily & Gina. Always knowing I wanted to attend one of these workshops.  Even if I wasn’t sure what it was I should be doing!  We came home last fall and I quickly started looking for jobs in my field.  Feeling far less than inspired.  I felt such a bent toward events and styling.  So after lots of praying, thinking, questioning, and lots of encouragement from fam and close friends… and reading a lot of MTH tumblr, I went for it.  I wrote this post and things started coming together.   And less than a year later, here I am.  Happy I took this leap of faith,  thankful for such an encouraging husband, and smiling about the future.  
But I never went to MTH!  This previous tour was the first time I was in the country for it.  I had planned to go, but due to the loss I had in March, I was literally running on empty.  Now with a baby in my belly, I feel even more of a push to attend MTH.  Get those priorities in line!  I want to work smart and give the best to my family, baby, and clients.
Even if you’re not sure what’s next, what’s your calling – everything I’ve ever heard tells me it is
 worth it. 
So here I am spreading the word to all of y’all.  You can apply for a scholarship right here.
do it (:

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