Lugano, Switzerland

An overwhelming amount of readers (commenting below) asked to see more travel pictures.  Y’all were right too… I had been hoarding some and I didn’t even know it.  Before I really understood about blogging I would just put one picture of our trip.  This trip of Lugano, Switzerland that we took on Easter weekend of 2010 is one I’ll never forget.  I had wanted to go SO bad.  As a child my family had vacationed there.  Ever since, I’d been in love and could not wait to get back.  It was even why I considered Switzerland my favorite country.  I was relieved to discover it was just as lovely as it had been when I left it.  JB was too, as he was a first timer.

Just stepped off the train.  Lugano is part of Ticino, which is the Italian-Swiss part of Switzerland.  They even speak Italian!  
This street has lots of vintage shops!
The only way to get to this little ticino town is by boat and foot.  
On a clear day you can see to Milan.  
On the train ride home it started snowing … but once back in Basel, no snow, just light sweaters.

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