Love Story: Jessica & Matt

Jessica and Matt are here from Loving Fast to share a very sweet love story with us today.  THANKS GUYS!  It starts out at the best college ever (where people serious about being amazing go for education. examples – ashkenbailey, and yours truly) and ends so sweet you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.  

{Meet Jessica & Matt on their wedding day}

 How did the two of you meet?  tell us your story.

We met in college (at Flagler College) during our Senior year. He was returning from Iraq and planned to move in with a good friend of mine (actually my college roommate’s boyfriend at the time). We all decided to meet up at a bar (Scarlet O’hara’s) across from the campus for trivia night. At the same time Matt walked in, a basketball question came up, and I walked right up to him and asked if he knew the answer (assuming someone who is 6’6 MUST know the answer) — he did. We spent the rest of the night hanging out and laughing. I always remember how comfortable I felt right away around him and how much he made me laugh. He says he was struck by my confidence, I thought he was really cute! When I went to leave, he told me he couldn’t wait to see me again. The next night he took me for a walk on the beach, a few days later on a date… and the rest was history. Matt loves to include the part in our love story about how he had a crush on me long before this (and remembers me always wearing “nice jeans”). But it’s true, we met in a bar. 

What is your most memorable moment of your love story: 

It’s hard to pick one. We have taken many trips together, all have been some of the great trips I’ve even been on (all over Illinois, all over Florida, NYC, Mexico, Hawaii…); I remember vividly finding notes all around my house and car when we first started dating, & he still leaves them; The first time he said I love you (from Matt: and when she finally said it back); Our engagement; and of course our wedding.  Matt’s answer: How perfect she looked walking down the aisle on our wedding day. 

{A PROPOSAL PICTURE.  you guys are so lucky to have this.  y’all, a proposal picture.  i might say it one more time.  a proposal picture! luckies.}
Describe the proposal: I love our engagement story but I blush every time I tell it.  It happened on Dec. 20th, 2010 – a day after we had gotten 22 inches of snow! We decided to take my mom (who was in town visiting) to the Ravens – Bears game in Baltimore. I am a huge Bears fan, and was beyond excited they were in town! The morning of the game EVERYTHING was closed, the roads were horrible, but we were determined to make the trip (45 min away). Matt wanted to leave at 11 am to go (the game was at 4, I did’t think twice because he is always early to everything). I had wanted to go get my new iPhone (which I had been waiting 6 months for) but Matt said we didn’t have time. I was moping. We got to the inner harbor (a beautiful spot in downtown Baltimore) and decided to go to lunch. Matt kept saying he wanted to show my mom the large ships in the harbor.  I didn’t think twice about this either, because he’s a big kid. After lunch, we took my mom to see the ships. Matt asked if she would take a picture of us, I kept telling him I would just take a picture of him. He kept insisting that I be in it. I obliged. Then Matt got down on his knee, said the most amazingly beautiful words to me, then asked if I would marry him. Tears happened. Strangers begin coming up to us and congratulating and hugging us, & my mom must have said ‘Oh My God’ a thousand times. 6 months later I married my best friend. 

Three adjectives that describe your sweet heart: strong, comforting, and driven. 

Three things he loves about you: Patient, hilarious, beautiful & intelligent (ok so he’s not GREAT at math, but who am I to stop him at 3)

A tip for an amazing relationship:  Don’t stress over the small stuff, in the scope of a lifetime, a lot of things are too little to stress about. Laugh, we laugh (at and with each other) every day. Communication, Communication, Communication! Never be selfish with each other: your dreams / troubles / successes / failures / happiness and goals are shared. Don’t play on the same fantasy baseball team. 

{Jessica & Matt in honeymooning in Hawaii}

Thanks Jessica and Matt for sharing your love story with us!  
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