love letter to my husband on his birthday

JB turns 30 today.
30 years of pure awesomeness.
i’m rather obnoxious with how much i love that fella.  but it’s true.  i do.
man i am so glad that guy was born. and that we ended up together.  
JB has taught me so much about life.  still hoping his good traits are transferred to me by marriage osmosis.
JB is everyones friend.  I am not kidding.  He has more friends than hairs on his head, and he’s got thick hair.  He loves to be around everyone.  He doesn’t judge people harshly.  He is patient.  He is so clever, witty, funny.  He knows how to not take himself too seriously.  In fact, he rarely does.  He doesn’t take things personally.  He forgives.  He is almost always in a fantastic mood (he isn’t mr. rogers after all).  
He is giving of his time, his energy.  
Even though a circumstance in his past could have left him closed off, bitter, angry.
  I see none of that in him.  I see someone who loves freely.  with all he has.  
that pure, open heart.  it is such a beautiful thing.  it blesses me everyday.
to say i admire my husband, would be putting it mildly.  to say the very least of how i feel.  
he makes me proud every single day.
of course there are frustrations with each other, there are fights… but there’s also what comes after a fight.  
inspired by holly, i started a 30 years of memories project.
i had family and friends send in memories of JB.
i presented him with 30 envelopes this morning, each with different memories. 
the stories flooded the mailbox, pictures, drawings even, and of course funny and touching stories.
don’t want to call anyone out but here are a few excerpts.
“what can i say about that devilishly adorable kid who i high fived in the halls of the upper school”
“JB always had this incredible and sincere grin on his face that was there all of the time”
“I’ve never met such a cheerful and secure 14 year old guy” 
“JB convinced me that he was Jewish.  I had known him for almost 10 years at this point …”
“when he was a toddler he would ask me to “sleep for a few whiles” at bedtime”
“he was the only child in his play group to catch a fish with his bare hands”

“what I remember most about JB was his absolute “joie de vivre” a completely honest love of life”
“JB has become part of my family”
“i always thought I would cry the day of JB’s wedding.  But instead I felt an enormous sense of pride.  of the man he has become.  of the woman he chose to marry”
“you are always positive and getting the best out of everything”
“you were my friend when i did not speak a word of english”
“being in a speedo, or at each other’s weddings OR better yet being in a speedo at the wedding”
“hearing you give your speech to the happy couple was the sweetest thing and showed so many things – the value you put on friendship, your delight in other peoples happiness, your fun spirit, your sincerity and your love for sarah”
“this was the moment JB taught me to be a man”
“at 5 years of age he had more patience than many adults”
“JB’s eulogy at Alexi’s funeral was incredible  That courage and strength he reflected, at 16”
“his first SEC at bat was a home run against Ohio State”
“Tuck said how cool it was to see this mexican guy get a baseball from one of the players… little did he know that the mexican guy was my father.  smooth move JB.
“JB would make fun of me if I sulked.  he is awesome”
“he rode his bike straight into a row of parked bikes, bowling the bikes and himself over”
“when i reflect on our childhood the term “entrepreneurial spirit” comes to mind.  once it was selling painted rocks, or the time we went door-to-door peddling our sweet dance moves”
“thanks for being the best catcher and teammate we’ve ever had”
“when we picked Lola”
… so many good memories.  
i cried, giggled, and was flat out touched by everyone who took some time to write their memory.
i wrote many memories down for him.  I couldn’t help myself!
we’ve had so many together.
a couple i’ll share…
i’ll never forget the strength of character he showed when i was sick.
how he would hold my hand, his devotion, the way his heart broke for me. 
or his away message (aol, what’s up) after our first kiss…”i kissed you” it said.
some people ask what set JB apart for me from other guys … he was a man.
he took responsibility, he cherished me, and he always followed through.
and then there were those darn butterflies that took up residence in my stomach… ( ;
i know few things for sure.  
but i am certain,
i am The luckiest.

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