love letter to my husband on the eve of our first anniversary

dearest love of my life, 

A year has passed since the day we married.  Easily the best year of my life.  Because you were right there next to me.  I wake up happy because you are there by my side – handing me coffee, nudging me out of bed with your italian omelette’s and sweet smile.  I look at you and wonder how you are mine.   Thanks for choosing me.  for continuing to choose me everyday.  I got the best darn one.  I wonder how that happen?

Thanks for all those sweet everyday nothings  – they really aren’t nothing.  they mean so much to me.   You have made my days so much brighter.  Thanks for including  me in every decision, big or little.  For wanting my happiness above your own.  You really are the most selfless man out there.  Your compassion and thoughtfulness astounds me.  You are always thinking of others.  You are always thinking of me.  You never hold a grudge.  seriously, never.  that might be your best quality.  but it’s hard for me to pick. Please never change.  

I used to wonder about having children before we were us.  I hoped they would feel completely loved.  I no longer hope, but know.  That is so reassuring on days when I am thinking too much.  

Marriage to you has given me a sense of calm and peace I did not have a year ago.  Thank you for that.  It looks like you are rubbing off on me.  even just a little, i’ll take it.   I also didn’t expect to know you the way i do, how close we have become was incomprehensible to me before.  what will it be like 10, 20, 60 years from now?  

I thank God for you

i love you. always.

so much love,

your wife 

                      PS   you’re the best roommate ever.  and i’ve had some good ones.

15 countries. 3 different addresses.  one married year.  = best year of my life.
Thanks to YOU, Mr. Tucker!  
Internet, we’re off to the Rainforest.  This time I will guard my pictures with care.

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