Love Letter to my (busted) husband

{this photo was cropped and clearly doesn’t reflect the original image by the very talented Gabe Aceves  & ps: if you’re getting married in DC – you should hire him. sarah seal of approval, y’all!} 
 Clearly someone was caught redhanded checking out his wifeys booty.  
And that somebody was my husband. 
It’s nice to know that when you are 5 months pregnant your husband still thinks you’ve got it. Particularly your backside. The other night, and now almost 7 months pregnant we were laughing at my belly.  Being so small my whole life, it’s pretty funny to see me with a protruding belly.  I mentioned how ridiculous I look, and he said : You couldn’t look more beautiful.  With stars in his eyes, ha.  Though seriously I think I saw some.  
Marriage isn’t always easy, especially since we’ve transitioned into the real world.  Made a baby growing in my belly.  But it means more to me each and every day.  It is more than worth it.  He lights me up.
And it does help, that I got the very best one! head scratching how i got away with that. 
(i hope you all feel the same, or will one day)
I love you JB.

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