love florida sunsets

i’m thankful for your …
beautiful sunsets
salt water smell
tropical flowers
Lucy had her first boat ride tonight.  homegirl was terrified.  
then she started to enjoy it. (i think!)
smooooches under a sarasota sunset
I feel like Florida gets a bad rep.  i do understand why!  
But all in all, i love it here.  
Its beauty is breathtaking on a daily basis.  
maybe I’d feel that way about anywhere though.
my mom was talking today about how she looooves her home.  she’s so gushy over it.
but then she said – she’s loved everywhere she has lived.  even the teeny tiny apartments right after they married.   I think I’ll also feel that way if JB is by my side.  
Plus, I truly believe that there is beauty everywhere – if you really look for it. 
Do you love where you live?  

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