loaded english muffin

If you are ever in St. Augustine, Florida I highly recommend Manatee Cafe.  
In college I would frequent this half hippie cafe/juice bar/ health food store, all of the time.  I always got the same thing.  Their loaded bagel.  so. so good.
Here’s how I make my own at home.
I microwave a sweet potato (clean it, poke holes in it with a fork, wet it, wet a dish towel and wrap the potato for 10 min if it’s a bigger potato)
I toast an english muffin.
I put hummus on one side, cream cheese on the other.
load it up with sliced avocado, kale sprouts, a slice of tomato, and sliced up warm sweet potato
a little salt and pepper.
the combination of the sweet and salty coupled with all the different textures is a little piece of heaven found in an english muffin.

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