I’m headed back to the good ole U S A later this month.  

JB will be headed back after his season, which will probably be late October.  
Honestly, I was sad to see September come mainly because I knew decisions needed to be made…
and change was upon us.
I’m getting used to the fact that we’re headed home.
That life is going to change in a big way for us.
For one, my stint as a stay at home wife is coming to an end.
i’ve enjoyed my run of drinking copious amounts of tea, reading blogs and fixing fancy dinners.
{though maybe the job search will take a while … }

I’ll soon be kissing JB goodbye in suits and ties instead of a baseball uniform.  
But … we can’t be nomads forever.   That was not the plan.  
His new job will have lots of travel perks, we’ll get to make a real home, and hopefully become parents to a cute french bulldog… 
{hint, hint, JB…   !}

eventually and Lord willing… a baby! … one day.
I am scared but excited when I think of all the possibilities.  
I also know that is how most good chapters in life begin. 
heck, i was so scared to come over here at first! 
I look back at how God has taken care of us and I am overcome by peace for our future.  

Also, i’ve got three weeks left here.  I am choosing to enjoy every second.  

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