Life Lately

Thankful list.  
Rose Champagne for Molly’s Birthday… even if I don’t get any.  It’s pretty enough to make up for that fact.
The pretty birthday Girl and ole Lucille {Lola’s idol/nemesis}
Fresh Seafood.
I’ve gone a little overboard lately // been completely spoiled.
In the past week I’ve had delicious gulf shrimp a few times, Maine lobster, stone crabs, and husband speared  triple tail and sheepshead.  I am one with the sea.  
LOVE this treat AV gave me.  And you Rhode Islander’s know what’s up.  That stuff is darn good.
Lola Hates the mint.  But I however, am incredibly thankful for that little hard working floor scrubber.  
This gorgeous venue.  Lucky to be able to do what I love and be surrounded by such a dreamy place.
time with my momma and sis.  at a bakery. YUM.
white almost deserted sandy beaches and mid day walks
boat rides with my Huz and Lola.  
and this gorgeous weather we’ve been having.
lots to be thankful for (:  
what are y’all thankful for?

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