Letters to Tucker // Volume 3

Dear Tuck,
I thought I was crazy for a few weeks when I was feeling you flutter around.  But your dad and I were watching my belly this past weekend, and all of a sudden we saw what looked like an elbow jab. You poked us!  Your dad got so excited.  He’s still talking about it.  At night we’ve been loving alternating our hands on my stomach.  I cannot believe you’re in there just cookin.  By all means, make yourself comfy ( ;
There is so much for me to do before you get here.  Work, baby, life stuff.  Every time I am overwhelmed it gives me such a peace to put my hand on my belly, slow down, and just be thankful for you.  Everyone says babies help you take in life, at the wonder of it all.  You are not even here yet and I’m already doing a better job of that, thanks to you.
love you so much,
your momma

ps: this print of this verse is going in your nursery and i hope to say it so much it is written on your heart forever.

… if you want to see the occasional bump pic, follow along on instagram: sgmtucker

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