Letters to Tuck

dear john bullock tucker IV aka “Tuck”,
We decided on your name in one of our favorite places, Boca Grande.
Your great grandfather was the first JBT, and everyone called him “Tuck”.  All of the JBT’s have been/ are such remarkable men.  What a legacy to have!  
I never got to meet Tuck, but I love hearing stories about him.  He was from Talledega, Alabama.  A mechanical engineer who served overseas during world war II.  People say he would laugh so hard he would cry and often.  Everyone wanted to be around him.  There’s a photo of him holding an infant JB that’s one of my most treasured.  He looked so kind.  That photo is going in your nursery.  
This weekend we bought your first outfit!  I thought your dad wouldn’t bite about going shopping, but he was so into it.  
Your first outfit is fit for a prince.  I can’t wait to see you in it!  
i love you and i am counting the days when I can kiss those lips.
your momma

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