Letters to Tuck: Volume 9

Tuck, I talk to you all of the time now.  I’m all guess what you’re going to do in this big world one day.  Your Nina (grandma) had a dream she was chatting with you a few nights ago.  She’s the one with the thick southern accent.  She told you all about your dad and I.  She said your dad is the kindest listener there is.  That he’ll teach you all about being good, fishing, and baseball.  She told you that I’d help you figure out your dreams, she let you know how passionate I am {i hope about things that matter}, and how fiercely I’ll protect you.  She told you about how when you are at Nina’s house you won’t find junk food, and that she’ll teach you how to be healthy and grow strong.  She told you how good of a life you’re going to have, how many adventures you’re going to go on, and how loved you will be.  We both laughed since it’s pretty funny she remembers so much of her dream, and so vividly.  She said you just listened, probably how your dad would.  Sweet Nina.   She chats with you in my belly these days, and talks about lots of play dates and all of the play grounds she’ll take you to play on.  We look a lot alike, Tuck.  Yesterday even two men asked if we were twins.  Your Nina is 61!  I am 28.  This happens a lot to me when i’m with her and I don’t mind.  She radiates love, acceptance, and beauty.  You’ll see. You’ll love your Nina.

Your mama

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