Letters to Tuck // Volume 7

Dear Tuck,

Your dad and I have been kinda adventurous since we met.  We dated long distance until we married!  Trips were in order then.  To Texas, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mexico, Louisiana, Grand Cayman, etc… pretty much wherever I could catch your dad while he was playing ball.  Then we married and the adventure didn’t stop.  We honeymooned in The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  We moved across this gigantic beautiful blue ocean called the atlantic to a perfect little place called Basel, Switzerland.  And then the traveling really began.  Together we’ve visited 21 countries!  When we moved home, the adventures slowed down but came in different forms.  A sweet puppy, Lola.  Lots of weddings all over.  New careers.   and our greatest adventureYou

we love you and we can’t wait to adventure around with you by our side.

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