Letters to Tuck : Volume 4

Dear Tuck,
First of all, I’m quite intrigued by you scratching your nose with your toes yesterday.  My little acrobat.  You made us all giggle yesterday.  
The doctor told us you look excellent and that your ticker isn’t like mine.  what a relief.  
I  was found crying happy tears at random times yesterday.  Every time I think about it I get a lump in my throat, and then the tears come.    
Words don’t describe how grateful I am for that healthy little heart.  
Life has been crazy in there, huh little baby? 
Something really exciting is happening to your mom right now, you know besides the most exciting thing ever (you!).  I’m getting a couple bruises from pinching myself.  Life is good, and most of all because of you.  And little tuck, when it’s good – i hope you always recognize that.  Breathe it in, soak it all up.  
i love you so much!

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