Letters to Tuck // Volume 15

Dear Tuck,

Happy half birthday my little man always on the go, mr. independent and yet mr. snuggly, chaser and catcher of lizards, sir who eats at least a good cup of dirt a day, friend to all, holder of my hand, smoocher who includes sound effects,  the guy who usually has skinned knees, and the ham of all hams.  You are brave, fearless, funny, and you could melt some cold hearts with your infectious smile.  Growing up, I never pictured myself as a boy mom – but you have made me into the proudest one.

loves:  making phone calls and pacing around the room, laughing at anything lola does, picking your nose, cars, steering wheels, hugging people you’ve only met once, watermelon, swimming, making new friends, swinging in the backyard, grandma’s cuckoo clock,  the piano, running full speed ahead.

hates: not getting your way (I feel you on this) – the tantrums are pretty epic these days.  you like to sit down and that’s when you’ve. really! made! your! point! , moving – where is my fun mom?!, sitting still, being called a girl (jk.  that’s just your mom.),  the car seat – I thought we were moving out of that hatred but looks like it’s here to stay.

I love you, my little prince!

x Mama

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