Letter to Tuck // Volume 2

Dear Tuck,
One of my best friends told me yesterday how good it was I am having a boy – because “the world needs more men like JB”.  I agree with her, with  300% of my heart, little baby.  
Oh sweetness, you hit the jackpot getting him as a dad.  
My throat closes up just typing this because he is such a good man.  
He is filled with surprises.  I can only imagine the good surprises that are in store for you!
He will always protect you, just as he has protected me.  
He has enriched my life ten fold.  
He has made me happier than a pig in slop.  He’s going to make you so happy.  Laugh so hard. 
He has taken me on adventure after adventure.  I’d never know this adventurous side of me without him.
You just wait- your life is going to be filled with adventures too.  You will certainly have a little gypsy soul since you have your daddy in there.
He is the most patient person I know, and I think that quality will serve us all well when we’re parents of you.
He’s going to be so proud of you.  He thinks I hung the moon when I accomplish anything. 
  I watched a video of your dad recently at his 3rd birthday party.  He was hugging everyone at every chance he had.  He never stopped smiling and he still is.  right now most likely.  He has the best nature of anyone I know.  He knows how to have fun too!  Your father is strong, tough, a leader, as manly as they come … but he is compassionate, kind, gentle, honest, slow to anger, sincere, sensitive, with a soft heart.  Those last things are just as important as the first for men.  You are blessed to have him as an example.
i love you!  – mama
ps: i can’t wait for the day when you look at a girl like your dad looks at me.
she better be looking like that back!  ha.

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