let’s take a trip tuesday

Remember when you would spin the globe, close your eyes, use one finger to stop it, open your eyes and discover where it had landed – well, that was where you were headed?  Well, in your dreams anyway.  Ohhhh wait.  you didn’t do that?  That makes me a bit embarrassed.  But yes I did this and it wasn’t just in my childhood.  

Today we are spinning the globe and our finger landed right on Washington, D.C. where my drop dead gorgeous bestie Kendall Marie is living and loving.  I find it perfect that she lives in our nation’s capital because she is an american dream –  always dressed to perfection just like a beautiful first lady would be.  Her blog, CWFHL,  is filled with visual treats.  After college (where we lived together in a quaint little bungalow over on 60 Saragossa- where part of my heart still remains) she moved to the big city of London over in the U.K. to pursue a masters at Sotheby’s institute.  So she knows art, what is beautiful but also what is interesting.  The girls got a great eye! So over at her blog you’ll be inspired, you’ll enjoy hearing about her sweet family,  and will certainly LOVE her posts on what she wants to wear the upcoming Saturday. ( Those are my favorite K!  )  

So pack your bags because we are headed to our Nation’s Capital!

Name:  Kendall Bennett 


How long have you lived there?  2.5 years
If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why?   London, UK.  Had just finished grad school in London and wanted a new adventure – have always wanted to live in DC and decided to make the move.
How is the weather?  The weather is one of my favorite parts of DC.  We get all four seasons (but sometimes winter runs a little too long).  

Tell us what a typical weekend is like for you there?   Friday night dinners with MJ and then meeting up with friends at our favorite bar (Four Courts).  Saturdays and Sundays spent at museums, shopping in Georgetown or watching the Nationals.  

K & MJ 
on their friday night dinner dates

Four Courts 

georgetown shopping

@ a National’s game

Where do you like to eat in your town?   Boulevard Woodgrill or Rocklands BBQ in Arlington, Columbia Firehouse in Old Town Alexandria or my new favorite Vidalia on M Street.

Where do you like to shop?    South Moon Under

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor.    

Besides the obvious momuments and smithonians you must make it to Eastern Market in Capitol Hill (a huge outdoor market with everything from food to clothes to jewels to antiques), the waterfront in Georgetown and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.   Oh and if you make it during the summer – Jazz in the sculpture garden.

Kendall & MJ at the Willard during the best time of the year

Tell us why you love your town:  There is always something to do in DC.  There is so much history and culture all around.  Its a small town with a big city feel – you will run into people you know all the time.  I love that about DC.

Anything else we should know about where you live?     our metro system is awesome! 

Thank you for submitting Kendall!  I want to hop on a plane and visit you right this second.  Love you!

If you are interested in submitting email me at here


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