Let’s take a trip Tuesday – Pensacola, Florida

This week I’ve got a special treat for you – One of the Two Sisters with Southern Charm is going to take us on a trip.  These two are always galavanting around the beautiful state of florida or off vacationing in north carolina, and most recently VEGAS.  So you’ll find a lot of travel, but mostly fashion inspiration.  The best.  I don’t need vogue or instyle magazine because I have them!  So hop on over there and check out

And now we are off on our trip… to Pensacola!    

“Where thousands live the way millions wish they could” 
“Pensacola, the Western Gate to the Sunshine State” 
– Sir Vincent Whibbs

Pensacola, Florida

Name: Ashley Coggin

Location: Pensacola, Florida

How long have you lived there? my entire life

If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why? i went away to school in st. augustine but missed home so bad. there’s just no place like it. so many people move away and then move back. the people  are amazing. the beaches are gorgeous. and people save their entire paycheck to come and visit here.

How is the weather? it’s hot from may to november but we do get a pretty cold winter being in the panhandle. we have lots of hurricanes 🙁

Tell us what a typical weekend is like for you there?  relaxing on the beach, boating, bike riding, playing tennis, and going to dinner.

Shep & Ash
{Captain Shep}


Where do you like to eat in your town? global grill and the fish house

Where do you like to shop? scout, the linen corner, lotus

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor. the navy aviation museum, fort pickens, our gorgeous beaches, our quaint downtown 

{downtown Pensacola}

Tell us why you love your town: i love pensacola because it’s where my husband is, my family is and it’s filled with such diverse people all wanting one thing: to relax and enjoy life!
{gorgeous beaches}

Anything else we should know about where you live? the oil came and yes it did affect us, but come visit. pensacola will be clean by next summer and we have so much to offer!

{Ash, Shep & Whodi}

Thank you so much Ashie for showing us around beautiful Pensacola!
if you’d like to tell us about your town email me at:

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