Let’s take a trip Tuesday – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Name: Mariel T. 

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How long have you lived there? 

I’ve been living in Milwaukee for almost 7 years now

If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why? 
I was living in Elgin, IL (a small town in the outskirts of Chicago) when my dad got a job offer in Milwaukee- I was absolutely ecstatic since that very same summer I had visited the cute little city for the first time. It was love at first sight!
How is the weather? 
 The weather here is very varied. We have everything from very cold and snowy winters to very hot summers. Now, summer is my absolute favorite… it is when I can feel a little bit of my other home (Puerto Rico) for a couple months. 

Tell us what a typical weekend is like for you there? 

Weekends are my absolute favorite since it is usually when I get to go back home from school (I currently attend a Michigan-based university). Usually they are filled with quality time with my love, family, or friends from back home. When spending time with my Sean we like to walk around the city and sight-see, we never get tired of it since every time we discover something new.  Sometimes we’ll Rollerblade around the city’s lakefront parks.   When with my girls I love meeting them for lunch at the first two restaurants listed below and then spending a couple hours at the Milwaukee Public Market checking out the week’s new products. In the summer time tanning by the beach is the thing to do. What my family loves to do when we all get together is go biking in the city lakefront trails. Doesn’t matter who I am with or what I do, I always have a marvelous time in this city!


Where do you like to eat in your town? 

Milwaukee has the cutest little restaurants perfect for lunch with girlfriends or a special romantics dinner. I am particularly obsessed with the the cute little restaurants, the smaller the better ;).

Here are the links to  a few of my favorite ones:

Where do you like to shop? 
There are so many options here! We have marvelous  privately owned boutiques (fred BoutiqueMiss Ruby Boutique5 Hearts Boutique, and Lela Boutique), most of them located in Water St.  And various malls where I can find almost all my favorite stores. My favorite one is the marvelous Bayshore Town Center  (H&M, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Nine West, etc.) when I go it almost becomes an all day event.

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor. 

The Milwaukee Art Museum, of course! It is one of the most stunning buildings I have ever seen.  Another must-see place is the Milwaukee Public Market, it always makes me feel as if I’ve been transported to another place. The busy movement of people buying the best wines and the fresh fish is quite exhilarating. There is also the cutest little lighthouse I have ever seen, now that’s a must-see.  Now, my all time favorite thing to do is go to the marina. There you can catch a sailboat ride around the Lake Michigan coast and afterward catch a delicious dinner (or lunch) at the delicious seafood restaurant Harbor House.  
Tell us why you love your town:
There are too many reasons why I love this place. So I am just going to list out a few…
1. I love how even though it is a big city nature is still absolutely everywhere (Very green city indeed).
2. I love all the cute riverside and lakefront lofts and condos.
3. I love how I never get tired of it, no matter how many times I’ve walked up and down the very same streets.
4. I love ice skating in the free rink which happens to be in the very center of the city AND also right next to a Starbucks.
5. I love how you can hear Christmas music in every street which makes you want to slow dance right there and then.
6. I love how I always discover a new favorite place every time I go.
7. … and I love that I can call it home with a smile

Anything else we should know about where you live? 

Make sure that when you come, you are ready to spend at least a week. After all,  there are so many amazing experiences waiting for you here! Whether you are after the nightlife, architecture, food, shopping, or water sports (wind surfing and sailing is pretty big here)Milwaukee has exactly what you are looking for. 

Thank you Mariel for showing us around Milwaukee!  I’ve always heard it is a great city – from my husband especially.   
If you’d like to tell us about your town/city, just drop me an email. 

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