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This week Mary from Mary Loves  is going to show us around Boston.   I was so excited when she contacted me because I’m a big fan of her blog!  Over there you’ll find inspiration in the form of  thought provoking quotes and life stories, great finds, beautiful new music … but my favorite part is how in love she is with her adorable family.   It is evident on her sweet smiling content face – she truly loves her life.   So go on over there and check Mary Loves out but first let’s hear about BOSTON through her eyes.  

Name:  Mary
Blog:  Mary Loves 

Location: Boston

How long have you lived there?  11 years.  (Is that right?  Wow time flies.)

If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why?   I moved from Charlotte, NC.  I lived there a few years after college.  North Carolina was where I grew up, went to college, and started off on my own, but I just knew it wasn’t my home.   I considered several other cities before choosing Boston.  The first time I flew back into Boston after a trip away, I remember having a moment where I just knew I was coming home. 

How is the weather?   We experience all four seasons in Boston.  People often complain about the winter, but I truly don’t mind winter here.  I love snowy Christmases and sledding and cozying up by the fireplace.  I will admit to being done with it by February though.  Spring is the hardest for me.  It’s still cold but also wet and dreary.  Nobody looks forward to those first peeks of daffodils more than I do.  Summer is fabulous.  Warm but not too hot.  Perfect weather for lots of playing outside.  And Fall is the BEST.  There is nowhere in the world better than New England in the Fall.  Crisp air, clear blue skies, red/orange/yellow leaves…it’s amazing.  

Tell us what a typical weekend is like for you there? 
Well, first I’ll start by saying that weekends with little kids are very different from the weekends we had before kids.  Now, our weekends are filled with fun family activities.  We live in a suburb of Boston now – about 20 minutes from the city – and we are surrounded by farms and beautiful country spots.  We often go to a farm up the road to pick fruit, pet animals, and play.  We live next to the Charles River, so some days call for a picnic along its banks.  In the winter, think sledding and snowmen.  Pretty soon the kids will be old enough to take skiing, which is a very popular activity – lots of people head north to Maine or New Hampshire on winter weekends.  And although we don’t make it to the beach as often as I’d like, Boston does have a lot of great beaches in the surrounding area.  Cape Cod is only an hour away.   Before kids, we did more things like baseball games at Fenway, going out to restaurants and bars in Boston and Cambridge, seeing concerts, and the like.  

{Mary and her husband at Fenway}

Where do you like to eat in your town?

This is such a tough one to answer.  Boston is a great foodie town.  I guess I’ll name just a few of my own personal favorites.  For a special occasion…No. 9 Park.  Fabulous food and right downtown.   For burritos, the local favorite is Anna’s Taqueria, which is awesome don’t get me wrong, but my husband and I adore Baja Betty’s in Brookline. Our favorite neighborhood restaurant there is called Washington Square Tavern, and right across the street is a great pub called The Publick HouseIf you like good beer, go there.  Now, living in the ‘burbs, our favorite neighborhood restaurant is Blue Ginger.  If you like BBQ, RedBones is where to go.  For ice cream, it’s J.P. Licks.
Where do you like to shop?
Hm.  You know, I am really not a shopper, so I’m no good with this question.  If you are visiting Boston and love shopping, take a stroll down Newbury Street.  It’s our version of 5th Avenue.  

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor. 
I could go on forever about things to do in Boston.  Of course it totally depends on the time of year, who you’re traveling with, and what you like.  Here are a few things that leap to mind…

Fenway Park – If it’s baseball season and you have any appreciation for it, go see a game.  It’s small and crowded, but it’s still the best.

Harvard Square – Take a walk, have lunch, go shopping, hit some pubs

Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum – I also love the Museum of Fine Arts, but this little museum right behind it is really beautiful and the perfect size for an afternoon museum stop.

Sam Adams brewery – It’s located a little outside downtown, but if you have a car, it’s worth it to visit.  

Paul Revere’s house – We sought this out a couple years ago, and it’s a nice stop.  Quick, inexpensive, interesting.  

Live Music – Go see a show somewhere.  The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge is an institution – blues, jazz, bluegrass.  The Middle East in Cambridge is where you’ll find local rock bands.   Lansdowne Street by Fenway also has several places that are good for a show.  I love the Paradise Lounge, on Commonwealth Ave.   Berklee College of Music is here.  

Out of the City – All the stuff I mentioned above about the things I like to do on weekends now – beaches, farms, kayaking on the river…that’s all available to you too.  
{The head of the Charles rowing race}
{View from the Boston Common}
Places to avoid:  
The “Cheers” bar – Yes, there is a bar that inspired the TV show here.  The show wasn’t filmed here though, and the bar looks nothing like it.  Just a tourist trap with overpriced mediocre food if you ask me.  
Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market – Unless you just really want to see a lot of souvenir shops and regular mall stores mixed together.  

Tell us why you love your town:  
Boston is a big city, but it’s very livable.  It has everything to offer, including a very rich history and an awesome music scene, which is why it’s referred to as The Hub (as in “the hub of the universe”).  Boston is sports-crazy, but if you have any interest in that, it just means you have something to talk about with anybody you run into.   I love that I live 20 minutes away from Fenway Park, and yet I can walk to a community farm.  

Anything else we should know about where you live? 
Boston is also known for the number of colleges and universities located here.  Approximately a quarter of a million students live here each year, so you can definitely tell when the school year starts!  

Thanks Mary for sharing all of your Boston tips!  And don’t forget to check out her sweet blog – Mary Loves.  

If you’d like to take us on a trip – email me

Hope you all have a great tuesday and enjoyed your trip to Boston!  

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