Lately in Quarantine

I will never stop sharing this year after year.  It makes me so happy when the jasmine is in full bloom!  we still love the YWF play doh kits.  lots of muffin tin snacks or meals!  

{cardboard space ship}

I finally loaded some photos from my big camera to share over here.  Looking back I can see a lot of wonderful quarantine family times.  John mastering his bait net, the boys tubing together on the river, wes catching dog welks …

This excerpt really hit me today.  All of this time we’ve had together.  Time is always what we never have enough of!

We bought a play set, and the boys have been “helping” JB and my dad put it together.  They are SO excited, and even though it’s not finished that’s not stopping them from playing with what they have so far.  We have swings!

Sending you all a happy day!