Lambs and Merian Park: a heavenly day

Merian Park in bloom is just as amazing as i had imagined.
This is what it looked like the last time we visited.  Still pretty, but not as beautiful as today.

Hi my name is JB.  I am adorable.


The shepherd asked us to come inside and meet a newborn (that day) LAMB.
I could have kissed her.
dreams come true friends. they do.

lamb with mommy

i am so cute. basically

standing up for one of her first times

Behind where the lambies are is a medicinal garden. 

If you are just as enchanted with lambs and gardens as I am, please check out our pictures here.  
WARNING:  it does show a bit of a black sheep giving birth to two lambs. yes, i saw a sheep give birth today. made me quesy but still find it amazing.


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