Special Occasion wear for kids


{view the whole wedding here // image by Lauren Kinsey}

One of my favorite weddings I planned was this one down in Boca Grande.  It’s actually the same venue where my sister is getting married!  Among the million sweet details, one of  the best was how many children were in the wedding.  It was just so sweet.  And these boys!  Don’t they look so handsome!  They served lemonade out of a stand before the ceremony – which was something the bride had done with her siblings growing up.

My sister will have lots of little ones in her wedding too – a couple boys and girls ranging from Wesley to 10 years old or so.   I asked on instagram and also on the facebook group – Southern Mama Guide – where people would suggest we look for special occasion wear.

Here’s the rundown of where people said to buy, if you’re ever looking for Ring Bearer or Flower girl, or just special occasion attire:

Pieces by Tam

Alice Kathleen

Janie & Jack 

Isabel Garreton

bella bliss

Elizabeth Layne Heirloom

Frances Rose


Remember Nguyen




jcrew crew cuts

and just for fun… my sweet flower girls / ring bearer cousins, who are now teens – the sweetest teens out there!

jessica lorren

jessica lorren

jack walked the ring down inside JB’s catchers mit

{photos by jessica lorren }

Am I missing any stores we should be looking at?

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