Kendall from c.w.f.h.l

hello readers and friends of fairy tales are true.  i’m kendall from c.w.f.h.l and i’m honored to be guest posting here today!!  I was a little nervous when sarah asked me – she has so many readers and this is my very first guest post.
sarah and I went to college together.  with our other best friend Ashley.  We all met first semester – ashley and I lived on the same hall and sarah and I had american history together.
Everything was perfect.

sarah’s rehersal dinner

 ashley’s wedding weekend

new orleans for nye

ashley’s bridal lunch

visiting ashley in pensacola

sarah and ashley visiting me in dc

Then we all graduated.  And lived in different states and countries.
It was hard being without these two – but over these last 5 years we have learned lots of ways to stay connected.   Can I share a few with you??
  1. start a book club.  this may sound silly since you won’t actually be able to meet up but using a site like helps.  It’s a nice feeling knowing they are reading the same book as me.
  2. send snail mail.  There is nothing better than getting a card or postcard from a long distance friend.  Sarah and Ashley are the best at this!!!  
  3. start a blog.  It’s perfect when a few days or week has gone by with out a phone call or email.  I am able to get a little sneak peak into their lives. 
  4. plan trips.  It’s hard.  It requires a lot of planning.  But make it happen.  At least once a year.  There is nothing better.  I promise.
i am very blessed to have these two in my life.

many many thanks sadie for letting me guest post. 
i can’t wait to see all the photos from your trip.  xo kendall 

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