Kelley Maria

Oh hi there!
Today we make our voyage to Russia and Berlin too.
But I’ve got a treat for you – the lovely Kelley Maria is here to share her travels with y’all.
{ps: the rest of the time i’m gone, i’ll be posting more of our croatian adventure}
Ok! “Pa-ka” or bye in Russian (; 

Well hello to all of you fabulous followers of fairy tales are true!  I am Kelley, the girl behind Kelley Maria.  I am so thrilled to be here today!  When I began to ponder what I should talk about, I thought – “I’ve got it! I will share my Europe travels because that’s what Sarah does!”  Genius!  However, I’m not so sure that was the best idea.  As you are all aware of, Sarah travels around Europe looking like a total fashionista.   As for me, not so much.  When packing for my 5 week trip around Europe with my husband, I chose to focus on comfort and practicality with the clothes I packed.  Again, genius right?!  Not so much.  I didn’t feel like a genius walking past posh Parisian cafe’s looking like a total tourist in my flip flops and white tank.  The reason I was so irritated is because I like to try my hand at being fashionable.  In 5th grade when I moved to a new school and the principle asked if I had any questions, I responded asking “how do the girls dress here?”  Ha!  Because obviously that is the most important thing to know before starting a new school.  Anyway, enough of fashion.  Today I am sharing my top three favorite places we visited on our 5 week adventure – white tank included.
{Nice, France}
We enjoyed lounging by the bright blue water and gazing up at the blue sky.  Slowly strolling through old narrow alleys past shops, cafe’s and markets.  The picture perfect architecture with shutters on every window made me feel like I was in a movie.  Such a fun and vibrant city!

{Amsterdam, Netherlands}

I honestly didn’t care to visit Amsterdam based on the stereotypes that you often hear about it, but Matt was insistent that we visit regardless of those stereotypes.  I am so glad we did!  There is so much more to Amsterdam than I ever realized.  Countless canals lined with trees and beautiful architecture.  The main modes of transportation consisted of boats and bikes.   As we walked up and down the canals, past the unusual and intriguing architecture – I felt at peace.  It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the louder cities with cars and motor bikes buzzing around. 

{Cinque Terre, Italy}
Hands down my favorite place that we visited!  Cinque Terre is picturesque and perfect in every way.  It has that old world, small town feel.  Colorful buildings piled high on top one another overlooking the ocean.  Old men lined up on benches watching tourists exit the trains.  Delicious, authentic Italian food.  The best part was our 7 mile hike through all five of the villages.  We stopped in each village for a swim, gelato or cold beverage.  The views were breathtaking. 

Next time around I’m pulling out all the stops and plan to dress like I just stepped out of VOGUE (ha!)  
Thank you for having me over, Sarah! 

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