a kate cooked meal & a #blate

I thank God I found my wedding photographer.  Long after the wedding.
Not only is she soo talented, hysterically funny, adorable, kind …
but she also introduces me to some seriously amazing people/fellow clients. 
Then one of those incredible clients invite you over for dinner at their perfectly styled home.  
Oh, and they write for my favorite magazine.  no big. yeahhhh right.    
So Saturday I went to a very fancy dinner party hosted by the beautiful and stylish kate, where I met up with my highly anticipated blate!
 (Blate: blog date, duh. thanks megan)
It was a big night for me!  
My blate was Emily ; airforce and doctor barbie. 
did you get all that?  she’s literally in the airforce.  and she’s 4 weeks away from being a DOCTOR.
who wouldn’t want to blate her?
She’s gorgeous. in real life too.  not just in pictoras.   
Talk about the whole package.
Goodness Gracious, her husband is one lucky duck.  
The link between us 3 is that
was our wedding photographer.
find Kate’s photos here
find airforce/doctor barbie’s here
here’s mine 
(as if you haven’t been inundated with it enough)
emily, kate, & jess
I love Kate’s puppy, London!
The Dr!
when i become a real girl, i’m hiring kate to style every inch of my home.  
London (:
Kate is an incredible cook and host.  Seriously, this girl is going to have her own show/book one day.
Having Kate make us dinner will probably be my claim to fame.
I’ll be sitting around with my grandchildren trying to convince them 
that I really did have a Kate cooked meal.

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