JB’s Surprise 30th || A Beer Tasting Party

so i’ve been a sneaky mom as of late.  
I’ve been planning JB’s 30th Birthday Surprise party!  
it is nice to finally have the cat out of the bag!  JB was caught totally off guard, and had the “best birthday ever”.  so i’m happy (:   Everyone was instructed to bring a chilled six pack of a certain variety of beer, as JB looooves to try different beers. 
 JB had friends and family in from all over and we were so blessed by all who were able to be there.
{You can purchase invites and see the party mine was inspired by here}
{shannon made these different beer quotes for the tables!  JB looooves them!}

a few details:  My dad grilled hamburgers, bratwurst, and veggie burgers.  For app’s my mom made homemade hummus, veggies tossed in olive oil and vinegar, homemade salsa, and different kinds of bread and oil for dipping.  We had publix make a “30” cake!  The big 30 was a martha stewart project – which took a while, but was worth it.  Plus, it was fun looking back at his photos. 
 He was and is so so precious!  i hit the jackpot.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  
xo xo xo

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