Janie and Jack for Easter

{lamb photos by Nikki Duyn}

It’s silly but I’ve been in love with lambs since birth.  So about a month ago I posted on Facebook about my dream of the boys with lambs for Easter, and we got to see baby goats (which are so cute!).  I became a little obsessed and called craigslist adds, and was totally willing to drive to the ends of the earth.  But then my friend Nikki told me about Nikki Duyn and her Easter mini sessions WITH not just one, but two lambs.  I was so excited yesterday was finally the day!  I couldn’t take it.  Seeing the lambs with my baby boys just put me over the edge.  I was in heaven.  I totally want one … one day.  and I think the boys do too!

I snapped some pictures of the boys in their Janie and Jack coordinating outfits before they met the lambs.  Because I couldn’t help myself!  They just look so sweet.   We practiced with my glass lamb before the real deal (:  I love their linen white jackets – that’s probably my favorite part of their outfit.  My tiny gentlemen!!  I always love shopping at Janie and Jack for special occasions.  Their stuff is every kind of adorable.


{boys are wearing c/o janie & jack — linen white jacket // wes in navy suspenders // tuck in pants   // shoes // shirts // bowties }

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