i’ve come down with goat. fever!

Our weekend included …

taking the boat instead of the car to go to dinner on friday
a saturday morning farmers market
my boat shoes.  mens lacoste driving shoes i found for a steal in tupelo, MS.  wearing ’em out!
we wore red!  and i wore my mended hearts pin too (:  
the sweetest baby goat
Lucille as my muse.  
i wouldn’t mind having him either.  
Roscoe Tucker
Cremant to get the tucker christmas party started!
gifts from Alsace
perfect gift!

I’ve had a very lovely weekend. It was filled with lots of animals, as you can see.  it’s cueing us into something we’re really missing – our own dog.  Oh sure we can have lucille, roscoe, or meat whenever we’d like but it just isn’t the same!  y’all, I’d even be happy with a baby goat at this point.  they’re so cute – especially when they have a string of burlap as their leash.  But there are no baby goats or baby puppies in our immediate future … bummer.  maybe late 2011 when we get home from Suisse.  for now, we’ve got oscar, our handicapped heron who is scared of his shadow.  Not trying to be rude, but he’s just not cuddly.  
Already know this week is going to be a great one!  I’m getting married again (to the same great guy), as you’ll soon see.   I’m about to combust with excitement and cannot wait to share more. 
How was your weekend??  xxoo

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