Isn’t she lovely?

Here’s my new (to me) bike.  She’s adorable.  Just look at those yellow handle bars and matching wheels!  
I rode from where we were staying to our new apartment all by myself yesterday (JB had a game).  
Everyone is walking or biking here … not many cars around.  I realize everything in America is somewhat spread out but I was guilty of not walking to my office last year in Oxford, MS.  It’s  a somewhat difficult uphill walk but still —  That’s just embarrassing that I never did.  I feel like Americans in general are very reluctant to walk, skate, or bike to their destination even if it’s not a far trek.  I guess it’s just not cool.  We’re also convenience driven so much that we rely on our cars even in situations where it is easy to walk.  Another big barrier is the fact that too few cities are walkable.  (Pensacola is- rep it ash)
  I promise I love and miss you America but you need more sidewalks, bike paths, parks. etc.  
go exercise or be a rollie pollie.  
Enough of my psychotic rambling …
What should I name my little bicicleta?   

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