Introducing …

Dreams are precious to me. 

So much so that sometimes I have a hard time telling anyone about them. 
 I am guarded at times, in more ways than I would care to admit.
I fear their reaction.
I don’t want them to discourage me with a look,  words  I deem careless, or an outright dismissal.
I don’t wish I was any less sensitive.  I admire transparency, emotion, an abandonment to ice queen in other people.  And it’s time for me to admire that in myself.  
I have always seen and felt everything on an entirely different level.
That’s the INFJ in me.

Thus, why I’ve been reluctant to tell anyone about what I have been wanting to do for sometime now.
It has always been a dream of mine. 
 But one I thought someone else was lucky and talented enough for, surely not me.  {see this post}
Even when countless people have told me for years that i’d be perfect at this.
I began telling my husband, my mom, my best friends, and people i’ve “met” on the  interweb that i knew 
would shoot me straight.  
I prayed.  and prayed.  
I asked Amazing people who to say I admire would be taking it very lightly, in the industry, that were so incredibly encouraging I really had to pinch myself.
I first started telling the people that “get it” on the creative front.  
Everyone came back to tell me similar things:
You HAVE to do this. // You were MADE for this.  // This is your CALLING.
… and my feathers would puff up.  i’d gain confidence!  
… and then one person would roll their eyes.  or just wouldn’t say anything but look at me with wide wondering eyes as if to say “you poor lost dreamer of a soul”.  ha.
just a few … and I’d crumple to bits.
but i am over it.
over seeking approval.  
Because Gods been more than nudging, and the faith He has put in my heart is enough for me to follow my dreams.
 i know in my soul  that I will be exceptional at this.
and my heart just isn’t wrong y’all.
there’s nothing rash about this decision, as i’ve been plotting, researching, dreaming ever since 2009.

i am detail oriented, a natural planner, a celebrate-a-holic, and incredibly quick to discover solutions.  
with killer taste. {yes, i just said that}
i am absolutely T totally in love with love. 
celebrations where love stories are rejoiced is exactly where i belong.

After being in a number of weddings, planning my own, and others … 
I’m opening up:

 full {and a la carte} styling, design, and planning company.
Sarah Tucker Events is a 

I’m working with the most talented, passionate, creative people to bring the site live in the next month.  
I cannot wait to share it with you!

But since you all have encouraged me in more ways than you’ll ever know, I wanted to give you dibs.
oh and if you’d like to be my cheerleader in the comments below you can be sure I’ll be blowing you kisses from FL.

{now booking weddings for 2012/2013}
{email me if you are interested:}
{will travel absolutely anywhere, obviously (:}

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introducing …

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