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Today I am sharing an artist interview with Jenn Thatcher of Well & Wonder Collective.  If you’re not familiar with Well & Wonder I think you will love it!  It is all original art work, at various price points, by talented southern artists.

Above is one of Jenn Thatcher’s beautiful acrylic box paintings (c/0).  Perfect to draw interest on coffee tables or in my case, a spot on my bookshelf.

A little more on Jenn Thatcher below:  

Hometown: Suburb of Chicago

Current Town: Tiny town outside of Dallas Fort Worth (population 3,000)

Who were your role models growing up: Looking back I would have to say my grandmother (although I didn’t know it at the time) had the most profound impact on me growing up. She was a child of the depression era, and grew up very poor, never finishing the 8th grade. But she has a joy about her, a thankfulness, an attitude of giving like no one I have ever known. Her energy knows no bounds (at 85 she out dances me and most everyone else on the dance floor). To look at someone whose circumstances could have allowed her to go a completely different direction, live a life such a beautiful life, its really something I think about every day.

What inspires you and your work: The possibilities of a blank canvas! To me it’s like life– it can go all different directions. Sometimes it can look awful and sometimes It can be so beautiful. The wonderful thing is that it’s never too late to re-work it and make it exactly what it was intended to be.

What are you sipping while you paint: Always Honest Tea Peach Oo -la -long. (all day long)

What does a normal day look like for you: It usually starts with getting my two oldest off to school and then is typically followed with client emails, calls, designer meetings while preparing shipments and deliveries for my assistant.  A good dose of magical unicorn rides and races with my 3 year old on her invisible pony and coloring usually round-out the day. My hubby is home during the day sometimes so I try to keep the “work” to a minimum when we are lucky enough to have him home. Painting most always happens at night! That’s when I have the least interruptions and I can really focus.

Favorite verse or quote: Your mistakes don’t define your character, it’s what you do after the mistake that makes all the difference.”

Favorite Vacation Spot: 30 A with the kids and St. Lucia without kids

Ten-year plan: I don’t have one! I am not a planner at ALL, in fact my husband encourages me to plan out just a day at a time, and even that is a bit of a struggle for me.

New Years resolutions: To spend more time with family and less time on social media. This is such a struggle for me since my business is tied to Instagram and Facebook.  I try to be ultra responsive to my clients, but finding a balance has been very difficult to achieve and something I am hoping to improve upon!

How I started painting: It’s kind of a funny two-part story. I commissioned a painting from my best friend. I bought the canvas. She had it for almost a year, ended up moving and didn’t paint the piece. She gave the blank canvas back to me.

So, I had this huge canvas laying around my house for a year. I was a consultant on Wall Street with a high-demand career and lots of travel. My husband is a pilot so coordinating schedules became very difficult after our third child. We decided I would stay home, but I still wanted to work a little and wanted something flexible. Becoming a realtor was a great fit. My first client needed some staging, so I completely staged the house, including an entry area that needed a large piece of artwork. Enter my large canvas that I had at home. I used some paints I found at my house, and painted an abstract in gold, and then displayed in the staged home. Clients kept coming through and asking where they could purchase the painting. After it happened several times, and the house was sold, I decided to try to sell the painting. It sold within seconds of posting it online, and so I thought I would paint another one…and it just kept going

Thank you for inspiring us today, Jenn!

I so love that she is a self taught artist!  I think we all have an artist in us somewhere, it’s just finding our medium.  Sometimes that doesn’t mean paint or ink, but spoken or written words, the ability to make a home welcoming, hospitality, a beautiful tablesetting … (:

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