instagram dump

a big fat instagram dump for your mid week.
my in-law’s have been so many places. this is their map.  different colors mean different things.  I believe the red is where they have both been.  green is for my FIL and White is for MIL.
fun fact – they met in germany.
a girl from montana and a boy from alabama – fell in love in germany, and have traveled the world together.
true love.
 my mother is the hostess with the mostess.
seriously it is just a random tuesday night, but she knows how to make it special.
my he-ro.
the ringling in sarasota.
the fact that i get to go here for work, well, it doesn’t feel like work.  
I finally bought this mug.
i love having my morning coffee in it.  
another fun fact… I am SO particular about which mug I have my coffee in.  it has to be cute.  
Lola and the dogs next door.
that sounds like a sitcom.  and it is for me every morning.
all of them cannot wait to play together.  
she plays them like a fiddle too.  that flirt.  
when can i move in.
i have a thing for wrapping presents. 
 so many inspiring treats on my bulletin board.
hattie sparks. rachel carl & co. heather’s invitations. a rifle card from jessyou’re the bee’s knees.
bettina zygmont stationary.  an inslee print from bettina. happy girls are pretty girls. my fave picture of JB.
as soon as i wake her up, she jumps on the bed to wake JB.  and kisses him 1000 times.
i wear pastels in the winter.  it is my floridian inalienable right
as brave as some of you may think i am …
i am a scaredy cat by nature with moments of boldness. 
i wish i was bold all of the time.
this devotional from the confident woman hit home for me yesterday.
 particularly the part about fear.
oh the things we could accomplish if we weren’t afraid.
my new resolution for the rest of march is to “do it afraid” –
 feel the fear and do what you believe you should do anyway.

Happiest Day to you!

ps: my instagram name is sgmtucker

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