IN PANAMA you can…

get an amazing blow out for – $4
have a maid for 5 hours – $20
a live in nanny – $200 a month
a driver on call whenever you need him – $300 a month
a manicure – $3
a pedicure – $4
a haircut – $3
Get this bergdorf dress for $28 or this anthro one for $13!!
Going from Switzerland (so expensive) to the states (cheaper) to Panama (cheapest) was a nice transition!  However, today I’m leaving the land of beautiful beaches, great shopping, cheap service, and lazy mornings to head back to Florida to finally finish grad school.  I’m terribly excited to see my family but will miss JB and our little family we’ve created over here.  LOVE them so much.
Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!  xoxox

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