Boca Grande, FL

I’m feeling a panic attack coming on … packing up, saying goodbyes, and re-applying for my last semester for grad school.  why does school always leave me in a tizzy and a pit in my stomach? So today I needed to share something tranquil instead of frantic.   How about a trip I took, pre blog days, to Boca Grande.  It is one of my favorite places in Florida.  Boca Grande is quaint.  There’s hardly any cars – most people drive golf carts, bike, or use the heel to toe express.  The homes are so beautiful – grand sprawling mansions to cute cottages.  There are tons of cute shops with interesting finds.  BG, is a feast for the eyes.  

there’s this old library inside of a mansion.
i adore it.

maps and books.  two of my favorite things.
check out the books for the kiddos
there’s a huge outdoor part to the library.  
the gasparilla inn.  it’s a gorgeous hotel with lots of cottages available.
a pink cottage. yes, please.
the best days are those spent with your toes in sand & water
our transportation.
i’m moving in.
or maybe here (:
the place is covered in banyan trees.  my favorite trees. they shout florida.
hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures.
i’m hoping to return this fall. 
Love from Basel

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