if you really knew me …

i caved…!   if y’all really knew me…

you’d know I had never imagined myself having a boy.  All of my real life friends know this, but it feels funny to admit it here.  Maybe because I’m comfortable with girl stuff, and not at all with boy stuff.  I secretly felt like the boy wouldn’t connect with me because I don’t understand and have little patience for sports / boy stuff.  (silly, but true).  I re-read this recently, and realized it truly does not matter.  I’m already crazy in love with him.

you’d know that I see my mom most days, and at the very least talk to her a couple times throughout the day.

you’d know I love red hair.

you’d know that I’m not usually made up.  I wear make up just a couple times a week.

you’d know that I am often moved to tears.  and I am the worlds ugliest crier.

you’d know that I cannot stand it when people jokingly say something about being skinny.  it is not nice.  especially when you haven’t missed a meal.  

you’d know that I do not like being home alone at night.  every noise I hear is someone comin’ to get me.

you’d know that I’m a prude.  Cue the blush.

you’d know that I reach out, that most of the time my compassion runs deep.

you’d know that I do not like to do my hair.

you’d know it is a rare day when I don’t have an avocado on something, or just plain with s&p.

you’d know that I’ve been close to passing out from someone telling me their birth story.  I’m still coming to terms with what I’ll have to do come January.  (

… Did you do one of these?  I’d love to read it – link yours in the comments below please.
What’s something I wouldn’t know just from your blog?

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