i want to be her. so i am. sort of.

Have you ever seen I want to be her!  ?
The author illustrates these fab women that she spots on the street.
I find the whole site exhilarating as I often see women and think just that, “I want to be her”.
Recently I was inspired by one of her drawings , I want to be her!’s, London Bicycle girl!
i had to find that english riding helmet!  
and so naturally on saturday at the basel flea market … I set out to look a little like her.
We wandered the market, creepy dolls to our left, pretty china to our right,  and as we came toward the end I thought the hopes of me finding my riding hat were slim to none.
Then I heard Crissy say “Sarah Tucker!”
oh m gee guys, She found one!
It even has a little black bow on the back.
All mine for 28 swiss francs.
So Mom, no need to ask me on the daily if I have a helmet anymore.
I’m safe now mom!
i realize I look a bit ridiculous.
and not too much like her … yet.
but i love it.  and isn’t that all that matters?
i think, yes.

jb gets quite the kick out of everyone staring at me as I ride past them.
i’m sure they’re thinking i’ve escaped from the looney bin. 

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