I pulled a Celia Foote


you see things have been busy over here.
with JB’s office opening, and my new biz launching.
dinners have taken to the back burner around these parts.  my poor husband.
the days of me cooking a couple courses, and having guests over a few nights a week are just not now.
there was a time when he’d ask if someone could come over for dinner, and I’d eagerly say yes!  and then start dreaming on how i’d make it special for them.  
 those days will be back.
In Switzerland I went to the market every single day.  I’d happily ride my bike to the store while JB was at work, dreaming up what I’d buy that day.  I loved cooking and hosting in that tiny apartment.
But then real life happened.  And cooking lavish meals and arranging cheese plates daily became hard to do.
suddenly, it was 5 o’clock and I was all, oh goodness.. JB is going to be home real soon.  and i have nada.
SO.  i pulled a 
 Celia Foote.
It happened innocently enough.
I went to the Chop Shop to figure out dinner.
Then I saw this uncooked chicken florentine.
The man behind the counter told me all I had to do was plop it in the oven for an hour!
And so I did.  along with some veggies.  voila.
 That night JB was all “what is in this!?” “it’s so good!” …
butter, i thought.  something I rarely cook with.
I didn’t lie but I didn’t tell the truth.
I called and told my mother. I felt guilty y’all!  mom laughed at me.
and the home ec teacher herself said :
“dinner at home, is dinner at home”
that night I told JB what I had done!  he laughed at me more.
it’s true though, we both love to eat dinner at home.  i love that time so much with him.
dinner on the table, no matter how it got there is still a time to enjoy one another, say grace, and savor some food. 

so it is with life. work. decisions.  make them.  do them.  instead of doing nothing.  
i am not and will never be superwoman.
i can’t do it all.
i am not perfect.
i am so good at many things, but not everything. and not all of the time.
and that’s OK.
done is better than perfect.

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