I need your help: Lugano vs. Lake Como

My friend, The World’s Best Photographer
 will be traveling throughout Italy and Switzerland, and posed the question:
Lugano or Lake Como?
Lugano was the first trip we took on Easter weekend in 2010.  
Lake Como was our last trip we took in 2011. 
Very different states of mind.  
When I was little we went to Lugano and ever since then I would say “lugano is my fave place”…
when I brought JB there I was a little nervous.  Would it be as beautiful as I remembered?
It was.
But then I saw Lake Como a year and some change later… was it awe-inspiring?  yep. 
So I fear I won’t be of much help.

Soooo fellow travelers, dreamers, ex-pats, vagabonds, researchers…
Have you been to either?
places to stay?
where to eat?
Give me the details.
per favore.

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