I love jewels.  cheap, expensive, loud, soft — they all make me smile. 
What’s really sweet are the stories behind each and every single piece I own.
Here are a few of my faves.  
This is a locket given to me by my namesake – Grandmother Gaila – which was given to her by her namesake, her auntie Gaila.  Inside is a picture of my grampie … and now one of JB.  
I don’t wear it too much but it’s my favorite.
The one on the left was given to me by Ashley.  It makes me instantly amazing as soon as I put it on.
The one on the right my little sister Molly gave me for Christmas.  It’s beautiful and a great basic. 
I love charms.  Particularly, Helen Ficalora charms gifted to me by my older sister, Brook.
The little diamond in the middle used to be earrings  (the first diamonds my popsicle ever gave mamacita) and then one was lost, made into a charm and now adorns my neck.  
spreading everything out is great for my sanity. 
 Especially since we have a lot of storage space and not a lot of things.  
It’s kind of nice.  Actually reeaaally nice.  A simple life is tough to beat.  
what’s your fave jewel and does it have a sweet story behind it?

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