The littlest Tucker

i love bostons.  it must be in my blood.   My mother had 3 growing up, my parents have one, and now I’ve got one!
JB used to always tell me that we would never have a boston…  NEVER?  really jb… really?  
Not that he didn’t love them but because he couldn’t believe I’d ever love one as much as i love lucy 
(the family BT).

she even has her own facebook page for heavens sake.   we are obsessed.  
I said that was fine.  i guessed.  as long as we had at least one flat faced dog.
be it a bulldog or a frenchie!  but of course i’ve longed for my own boston for ages.  
  JB and I both love dogs so much that we’d be happy with any kind.  When we’d walk the streets of Basel we’d continually say “that’s our dog” to the random 3 legged dog being walked or  “oh look at that one! that’s ours…” … and more often than not I would be that person that has to pet the dog!
  My brain says no, but my body just goes toward them.  ready to pet, ready for puppy kisses.
this was especially true when we’d see a boston or a frenchie.  no one could physically restrain me!
 I kept putting a puppy on my Christmas and birthday list as a joke.  
I really didn’t think we’d get one until next year!

last week when molly was home for thanksgiving I walked into our family room with molly saying “if sarah has a girl than she’d be my neice!”  … to which i gave her a funny look and said please give me a glass of wine (:  
Turns out JB and my sister have been conspiring to get me the perfect boston puppy.  He’d sent her pictures of some, and had her say yes or no.   My whole family was in on it.
 Which makes this a downright Christmas miracle that I didn’t find out.   
So this past Saturday came and JB woke up to tell me that he had to go to work.  Since he’s starting out with his job, everyone has told me that with this company comes a lot of work for the first few years.  Lots of late hours and Saturdays.  I’ve been prepared.  I am in full on support mode over here. But this was his first Saturday he had to leave me.  So it was especially hard.  Plus I have this darn ear infection.   I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Little did I know he was traveling 7 hours to pick up this little angel.  

  JB called around 5 to tell me that his meetings went great, but that he got a flat tire.  I was bummed.  I went over to my parents house to hang out.  My dad opened the door and said “did you get dog food”?  I  steal Lucy sometimes, so it wasn’t that weird of a question.  Still, I looked at him sort of weird and said no.  was I supposed to pick some up?  I didn’t steal lucy tonight!  He laughed it off. 
I went back to my house to eat dinner when JB finally arrived.  I was upstairs when I heard JB singing:
“happy early birthday to you” 
Then I see this little sweetsies inside of a basket!  so many happy tears! 
 I kept saying “this is for me!!!??” 
She is so sweet.  Such a lady.  loving, cuddly, and a bit feisty too.
I love her.

My heart has swelled so much.
It will surely burst whenever JB & I have a little human tucker.

oh and i still haven’t picked out a name for her yet.  
it’s coming soon i promise.  
if you haven’t yet you can hop on FB and cast your vote.

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