i do love my diddy.

{photo courtesy of my cuz ben}
there were mornings i thought you’d  drive me crazy.
my dad, a morning person.  me, not at the time.  
you’d wake me up, throw the curtains back, and say “today’s the Lords day lulabelle!! rise and shine!”
i shot him razor blades with my eyes.
then i’d stumble out of bed.  to a breakfast made by him.  
french toast. cinnamon toast. bagels with cream cheese.  and always OJ.
we’d pile in your van half awake. 
you’d then blare praise and worship during the 15 minutes to school.
I thought i would die of embarrassment.  
thanks for that though.  
you’ve taught me a lot.
not to care so much what people think.
to stand up for what and who i believe in.
to love with actions.
how to pray.
you’ve given me a ton.
high standards.  for one.
quite a few nicknames.
cars. roofs over my head. education. 
a kick in the tail when i needed it.

when i was sick i’d say “i want to scream”
and you’d be like, me too. let’s.
you were always cheering me up.
when you coulda used some cheer ups of your own.

thanks dad.  
i think you’re the best.
and you’re also cool.
i mean how many dad’s played in the game at the end of disco?
or wrote vows like this?
or moved his family to Italy?
or made up stories about fluffy kitty before bed?
happy diddy’s day.
to all the diddy’s!

What’s the best lesson your daddo has taught you?

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