Hvar, Croatia

We spent two nights on Hvar Island in Croatia.
Which is supposedly the new Ibiza.  
We stayed out until 11 one night.  So I guess it is … for us.  
The first day we were beached whales.
We jumped off rocks into the adriatic and lounged on beach chairs.
The second day was one of our favorites!  We rented a boat to see the Pakelini Islands for ourselves.
JB really wanted to get the more expensive boat that went faster.  
I wanted the cute boat.  and it just so happened to be cheap. (only $65 for 12 hours!)
JB says I do not have champagne taste, only cute taste.
it’s true.
i love finding JB relaxed, totally content, laying on rocks.  
cuba libre
Hvar Town
cutest boy and boat ever.
yes it was a little tree house.  where i took in a pina colada.  
& this was the view!
crack kills . . .
there’s the highlighter dress again.
a man came up to me during this trip and told me i could be a prisoner, stop traffic, and a traffic cone.  
there’s the pose again (:
picnic on the boat in the middle of nowhere.
no need for lip augmentation … cheaper option: just wear a snorkel mask.
This last picture isn’t in Hvar… but I just think its sweet.  So its staying put.
Hope you are all having a great Friday!
We have been laying low and watching james bond movies all day … <3

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