husbands. you think you know everything about those guys.

when you’re married for a couple years, you think you know everything about your spouse.  but there’s so much before I was in the picture.  I get a kick out of watching his home vids, and going through photo albums.  I think I know it all, or pretty close.  not so.

A couple of weeks ago my mother and I were driving around and I spotted some kids selling “marble art”… I bought what looks like a sword made out of plywood with marbles glued on it.  I had to buy something.  they thanked me for “buying local”.  my mother and I couldn’t stop giggling.  kids are so unintentionally funny.  

Later that week JB and I were on a road trip.  I love road trips with that guy.  And I still had my new sword in the backseat.  I showed him!  He then started telling me of 8 year old JB, the entrepreneur.  Then he dropped the bomb.  JB and his cousins went door to door selling… dance moves.  Is that not the best thing you’ve ever heard?  If not, maybe we share very different senses of humor.  Their price?  10 cents.  JB would even offer up a preview if they weren’t sure if they wanted to buy.  His main move involved one hand on the ground and one hand in the air.  I am so proud.  He said everyone bought a dance move.  How could you not?  If such a thing were to happen to me, I literally would think I hit the jackpot.  Just hearing this story gave me pure joy, I cannot imagine what experiencing it first hand would do.

you think you know you’re husband but then you take a road trip.  and then you can’t stop telling people about your husband’s first business.

other really great facts about JB:
– he cooks a mean breakfast
– he’s hit a homerun over the green monster (so has my dad) {something i also learned recently}
– he’s really good at giving thoughtful speeches
– he wears cowboy boots to most functions
– his dance moves have been sold
-he is an observer, and when the time is right he says the funniest things ever.  
hi jb, thanks for making me laugh.  i hope when we have kids they are little replicas of you. 

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